Get Your TwentyTen Ajaxified!

Smells Like Facebook may have been suspended, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use it (or part of it) anymore. In Open Hack session at Wordcamp Indonesia 2011, I came up with an idea to utilize the Javascript used in Smells Like Facebook to ajaxify the WordPress default theme, TwentyTen.

And this is it, as you can see in this site, the TwentyTen has been enhanced by AJAX features, just like we did in Smells Like Facebook (try to click a link!). Right now, it comes as a child theme, so you’ll need WordPress version 3.0 above to use it. But soon in the future it will be available as plugin too, if you have another child theme installed already.

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How to Make Your Own Plugins/Themes Updating Service


Several times ago, my Smells Like Facebook theme was suspended from being updated in WordPress Theme Directory. It’s still being available to download, but I can’t submit a new version, therefore the theme users can’t get a notification and auto update from their dashboard.

So I try how to override WordPress auto update check routine and make it check the latest version of Smells Like Facebook to my own server. Here’s how:

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Firefox: Persona vs Theme

Recently, Mozilla launches a new feature for their Firefox browser, called as Firefox Persona. It’s an addon that allow you to change the skin of your Firefox with your favorite brands. They’ve made a new site for the Persona Gallery where you can download the Personas made by many designers. One thing in my mind when I know this: “What about the Firefox theme?”.

As you know Firefox has already had the Theme Gallery, which is integrated to the Addon Gallery. What about them after the Persona is launched? In their FAQ page, they said that Persona is a special type of theme that changes the look of your browser without changing the navigation buttons, toolbars, and menus, while Themes change the appearance of Firefox.

Still curious, then I made a test: install Persona and a theme at the same time. And here is my conclusion: Persona is made to re-skin your Firefox, it is only capable to give a new background for toolbar and statusbar, while it can’t make any modification to the style of the buttons, tabs and any color like Themes do. Imagine that installing Persona is like making a tattoo to your body, while installing theme is like getting a plastic surgery on it. And happily, you can combine both!

Here is the screenshot of my Firefox tattoo-ed with WordPress Vintage Persona and altered with Vista-aero theme. Nice, eh?

Firefox Persona
Firefox Persona

Oh, I just realize that the Personas is much like Google Chrome themes. Hmm..

Smells Like Facebook 2.4.1

UPDATE: To follow Smells Like Facebook updates, go to

Hello folks, in this very end of 2009 year, the newest update of Smells Like Facebook theme is available. Major changes made to this theme including:

  • Fix on unregistered comments. Now if someone which is not registered as member post a comment, no errors will be found.
  • Multiple pages post support. The theme now support posts with multiple pages. The <!–nextpage–> tags will split pages correctly, and links to next and previous page will be available below the post content. Note: this is a compulsory for new theme hosted in WordPress Theme Directory
  • An anchor that with target “_blank” will open the link correctly in new tab / window. There are some reports that in the older version, the link will be opened ajaxly.

You may see that the update of this theme is very slow. The last version, 2.4 was uploaded on July. I’m very sorry about this, since I have a lot of work to do to feed myself. I also got a serious health problem last month, so I can’t focus myself to this theme. But if you intend to give me some penny, I think I’ll quit my job and focusing on this theme, seriously 😉 You can send the donation to my paypal. Every donations is very helpful. I thank you for you who have donated to me 🙂

After all, some bugs may still appear. Please let me know if you encounter one. I’m very happy (and also tired 😛 ) to see many responses from people about this theme. Thank you for using my work.

Happy New Year, everybody!

New Theme

Maaf, theme untuk blog ini sedang dalam masa pembuatan.. Masih ada beberapa fungsi yang masih belum selesai dikerjakan. Mohon maaf bila terjadi ketidaknyamanan.

Saran, masukan, kritik atau cemoohan sangat diterima.. Terima kasih..

A Little Bug at WordPress

I’m developing a theme for wordpress now. The theme use the javascript color picker, like the WordPress default theme, Kubrick. There’s a button that will be the anchor for the Color Picker when it’s shown. I’m using DIV-type color picker, not the Window-type one, which means that the color picker is shown at a DIV element, not a new pop-up window. So much like Kubrick.

When I tried it up in Firefox, the color picker DIV is not shown up right under the button. The Error Console said that “error in parsing value top, bla bla bla”, means that the top property for the color picker DIV has a wrong value. FYI at Opera, that error doesn’t occur.

Wordpress Color Picker Bug

And then I try to take a look at the javascript file, colorpicker.js which is located inside wp-include/js directory. After some times, I found something missed at the function PopupWindow_showPopup that manages how will the DIV be shown.

At line 295, it said:

document.getElementById(this.divName) = this.y;

See? The command to set the “top” property is incomplete. At Firefox, it needs a “px” if you want to change a size or dimension of an element. After I put the “px”, it works fine.

But of course, that’s not a suitable solution since I’ll release this theme, so the user of this theme (I hope there will be some users 😀 ) will have to change that file too. Fortunately, I can override that function. Owkey, but that makes my script seems so long. 😦

Actually, I’d like to report this little bug to WordPress team, but I find that’s not easy, so much things to do, instead of just send email to Matt and say “Hi, Matt, I found a bug at WordPress here, maybe you can fix it.” So I changed my mind at write it out here. And hopefully they will read this. 😛

Oh, yes… the post above is written in English. Bad grammar or tenses? ^:)^