Get Your TwentyTen Ajaxified!

Smells Like Facebook may have been suspended, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use it (or part of it) anymore. In Open Hack session at Wordcamp Indonesia 2011, I came up with an idea to utilize the Javascript used in Smells Like Facebook to ajaxify the WordPress default theme, TwentyTen.

And this is it, as you can see in this site, the TwentyTen has been enhanced by AJAX features, just like we did in Smells Like Facebook (try to click a link!). Right now, it comes as a child theme, so you’ll need WordPress version 3.0 above to use it. But soon in the future it will be available as plugin too, if you have another child theme installed already.

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WordCamp Indonesia 2011, Bandung

Wordcamp Indonesia 2011 logo
Wordcamp Indonesia 2011

Puji Tuhan, akhirnya salah satu mimpi saya terwujud. Hari Sabtu & Minggu kemarin (29-30/01) untuk pertama kalinya saya bisa menghadiri WordCamp, event tahunan para pengembang serta peminat WordPress. Gugur sudah salah satu rukun WordPress saya, meski sebenarnya agak sayang, karena bro Matt Mullenweg si empunya WordPress tidak bisa menghadiri event kemarin.

Bagaimana acaranya? Lumayan. Ya, lumayan. Saya belum pernah ikut Wordcamp sebelumnya, jadi tidak bisa membandingkan dengan event sebelumnya. Yang jelas event kali ini yaaa.. lumayan. Materi yang dibawakan banyak yang bagus, meski ada juga beberapa yang, sorry to say, kurang menarik. Kalau mau tahu lebih lengkap jalannya acaranya, silakan baca saja di sana.

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How to Make Your Own Plugins/Themes Updating Service


Several times ago, my Smells Like Facebook theme was suspended from being updated in WordPress Theme Directory. It’s still being available to download, but I can’t submit a new version, therefore the theme users can’t get a notification and auto update from their dashboard.

So I try how to override WordPress auto update check routine and make it check the latest version of Smells Like Facebook to my own server. Here’s how:

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Smells Like Facebook 2.5, Celebrating 1st Birthday

Hello folks,

The new version of Smells Like Facebook finally arrive. In version 2.5 now you can customize your WordPress to the new layout of Facebook. But if you miss the old school header, don’t worry, you can switch back from the Smells Like Facebook admin page.

This release also celebrating Smells Like Facebook 1st birthday. On April 4th on year ago, I committed myself to upload this theme to the WordPress Theme Directory. Although the Directory finally released to public on April 15th (after several revisions), I still assume that today is the birthday since it’s the day where I stop typing codes for this theme.

Thanks for everyone who use this theme. Thanks for any critics and suggestions coming daily to my inbox. And special thanks for everyone who donated to me, you’ve energized me up!

Also, I’m sorry for the very long delay (the last release was on Dec 31st 😛 ). It’s my office job which waste most of my time in these 3 months.

For the download, since the Theme Directory seems suspended my theme account, so I upload the theme to another server.

Download Now!

That’s all. Enjoy!

WordPress Bahasa Jawa

Setelah tersedia dalam bahasa Sunda, kini WordPress juga telah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Jawa. Versi ini dapat diunduh di

Adalah mas Mova Nugraha, aktor intelek di balik semua ini (setidaknya begitulah kesimpulan dari website di atas). Dia yang menerjemahkan sekaligus mengirim ke repositori WordPress. Sebelumnya dia telah mengembangkan file bahasa Jawa untuk WordPress yang bisa diinstal secara terpisah. Dan sekarang, dia sedang terlibat dalam proyek translasi Facebook ke dalam bahasa Jawa.

Jujur, tanpa bermaksud SARA, saya sebagai orang Jawa bangga atas hal ini. Meski memang saya masih belum menggunakan versi Jawa tersebut, karena masih nyaman dengan versi bahasa Inggris. Lagipula saya kurang begitu mengerti dengan beberapa kata Jawa yang ada di situ. Istilahnya, wong jawa ga weruh jawane :blush:

Saat WordPress bahasa Sunda dirilis, memang langsung muncul ide untuk membuat versi bahasa Jawa di forum WordPress Indonesia. Saya sebenarnya ikut tertarik waktu itu, tapi seingat saya ide tersebut sempat terkendala oleh beragamnya kultur bahasa Jawa. Meski begitu, versi yang ada sekarang tampaknya sudah cukup bisa diterima. Kalau memang masih ada yang dirasa kurang, sampeyan masih bisa urun rembug kok. Isi saja form contact di sana.

Monggo dipunsekeca’aken 😀

Smells Like Facebook 2.4.1

UPDATE: To follow Smells Like Facebook updates, go to

Hello folks, in this very end of 2009 year, the newest update of Smells Like Facebook theme is available. Major changes made to this theme including:

  • Fix on unregistered comments. Now if someone which is not registered as member post a comment, no errors will be found.
  • Multiple pages post support. The theme now support posts with multiple pages. The <!–nextpage–> tags will split pages correctly, and links to next and previous page will be available below the post content. Note: this is a compulsory for new theme hosted in WordPress Theme Directory
  • An anchor that with target “_blank” will open the link correctly in new tab / window. There are some reports that in the older version, the link will be opened ajaxly.

You may see that the update of this theme is very slow. The last version, 2.4 was uploaded on July. I’m very sorry about this, since I have a lot of work to do to feed myself. I also got a serious health problem last month, so I can’t focus myself to this theme. But if you intend to give me some penny, I think I’ll quit my job and focusing on this theme, seriously 😉 You can send the donation to my paypal. Every donations is very helpful. I thank you for you who have donated to me 🙂

After all, some bugs may still appear. Please let me know if you encounter one. I’m very happy (and also tired 😛 ) to see many responses from people about this theme. Thank you for using my work.

Happy New Year, everybody!