Get Your TwentyTen Ajaxified!

Smells Like Facebook may have been suspended, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use it (or part of it) anymore. In Open Hack session at Wordcamp Indonesia 2011, I came up with an idea to utilize the Javascript used in Smells Like Facebook to ajaxify the WordPress default theme, TwentyTen.

And this is it, as you can see in this site, the TwentyTen has been enhanced by AJAX features, just like we did in Smells Like Facebook (try to click a link!). Right now, it comes as a child theme, so you’ll need WordPress version 3.0 above to use it. But soon in the future it will be available as plugin too, if you have another child theme installed already.

How to install? Just like any other theme, you need download the files from link below and then upload it via your WordPress theme uploader in Dashboard. Finally, activate it after it finished. Note: you need to have a TwentyTen themes installed first. This child theme will not work without TwentyTen.

It still has a lot of things to do anyway. But don’t worry, using its own Upgrade Feature which is separated from WordPress default routine, you’ll be notified when a new version is ready. You can visit here to check a new version, just in case the upgrader doesn’t find a newer version for a while πŸ˜‰

For now, the files available to download here. Any bug or error please leave in comments. Thanks πŸ˜€

44 thoughts on “Get Your TwentyTen Ajaxified!

      1. object doesnt support this property or method

        line 49 of script.js

        which is part of loadhash function

        line 49

        url = parts.length > 1 ? ‘/’ + parts[parts.length – 1] : window.location.href;


  1. Your new theme looks promising… and I definitely am I need of some new themes. Although I’m not a huge fan of learning how to use new themes, just from appearance, this one looks easy enough…


  2. ada masalah gan sama headernya jadi tumpuk-tumpuk gitu, di-update bisa gak gan? Ane dukung kreatifitas agan, tapi diakalin gan, dibedain dikit, agan berbakat abis deh,


  3. I use this theme myself and I have not been back here. The team worked great but I notice I’m not able to download it and don’t have a copy. Maybe it’s my computer but I don’t see the link here anymore. Thank you very much because I really did like that . Cheers from the old KALIN pub


  4. My buddy advised I might possibly this way website.. dangdut hot Your dog ended up being altogether appropriate. This put up really built our evening. You cannot feel how much time period I had put together spent because of this information! Thanks a lot!


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