Smells Like Facebook 2.5, Celebrating 1st Birthday

Hello folks,

The new version of Smells Like Facebook finally arrive. In version 2.5 now you can customize your WordPress to the new layout of Facebook. But if you miss the old school header, don’t worry, you can switch back from the Smells Like Facebook admin page.

This release also celebrating Smells Like Facebook 1st birthday. On April 4th on year ago, I committed myself to upload this theme to the WordPress Theme Directory. Although the Directory finally released to public on April 15th (after several revisions), I still assume that today is the birthday since it’s the day where I stop typing codes for this theme.

Thanks for everyone who use this theme. Thanks for any critics and suggestions coming daily to my inbox. And special thanks for everyone who donated to me, you’ve energized me up!

Also, I’m sorry for the very long delay (the last release was on Dec 31st 😛 ). It’s my office job which waste most of my time in these 3 months.

For the download, since the Theme Directory seems suspended my theme account, so I upload the theme to another server.

Download Now!

That’s all. Enjoy!

77 thoughts on “Smells Like Facebook 2.5, Celebrating 1st Birthday

  1. nah…saya mengalami kesulitan mas,gimana nyettingnya biar bisa tampil kayak punya sampeyan ini.atau cara menggunakan side bar sebelah kanan.trus…masang widget buat ngitung pengunjung ndak bisa ya?


  2. caranya nampilkan tulisan dibawah foto kayak punya sampeyan tuh gimana caranya?yang tulisannya “A blogger and developer of WordPress”


  3. Love it.. I would love it if I could make the change in which the categories show up even if there are no posts to that category yet? – Is that I tweak I can make?


  4. i add WP Shopping Cart plugins with your Smells like Facebook 2.5. it looks like not working together. something wrong between each other. could you please help me to fix this problem? thanks


  5. thanks berat buat upgrade-nya, this is one of my most favorites themes.
    BTW, versi 2.5 support nested/threaded comment gak ya ? Mohon pencerahannya


  6. @steve: that’s the best host i found for now.
    unfortunately, this theme account in WordPress had been suspended by the admins, so I cannot upload it there


  7. Wah… udah satu tahun yah,,, weiks… mantabs lah… saya masih memakai template yang lama [blogspot] dengan sedikit penyesuaian dan style cara gue…[sayang chrome kayaknya gak ngangkat] hehe.. makasih bos naziep…. Btw pengen juga sih modifikasi lagi karya bos nazieb ini di wp…sayangnya lom mahir wp.. [malu] dan lupa caranya :hammer:

    Bos nazieb met kenal yah…. ditunggu gubahan selanjutnya..


  8. akeh bug om:
    salah satunnya ini:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/nazibcom/public_html/wp-content/themes/smells-like-facebook/index.php on line 1


  9. Kotak-kotak navigasi di atas area “Wall” ini kok ada jarak dengan isi “Wall”-nya ya? Ga menyatu…
    Lalu kotak gambar kaca pembesar di sebelah Box Search kok lebih tinggi dari Box Search-nya ya? 😀


  10. Hi Nazieb, where is the sup[port page for the Smell like Facebook theme. I have download and install. When I insert a image in a post, the category detaisl, tags details, date and time, etc all appear next to the image instead of below the image.
    Please help,


  11. Sorry to say. I loved your theme, but I did some fixes to ‘Category’ CSS codes which will look exactly same to Facebook tabs 100% and image used for Search button.

    Plus, I added some codes like Facebook user profile white info box (used for blog description). I also integrated with Facebook SDK…it is to be used for LIKE button, FB COMMENT, etc.

    Anyway, thank you.


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