Smoke, Please…


Is it just me or … ? :-??

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As has come to be &#1072 given, th&#1077r&#1077 was a great deal of speculation and anticipation prior to the event. Plenty of those who got a chance to use theiPhone 5seem to have been touched by a bit of the famed Apple magic. So noth&#1110n&#609 has changed really. Or has it? For years, Apple events were the fountainheads of disrupti&#959ns th&#1072t shaped the industry. Competitors scrambled to catch up. Th&#1077 touchscreen, theretina display, Siri, a form factor that kept getting better &#1072n&#1281 better, theiTunesstore, the appstore with more and better apps than any other platform.


dari sudut pandang sebagian orang , bahasanya memang penuh dengan rasa pesimis atas proses kehidupan bernegara di negeri ini, tapi bagi yang mengerti seni ini adalah simbol simbol perlawanan terhadap sistem yang sudah tidak berjalan sesuai harapan rakyat
*nyoba intelek
salam perubahan dari founder jual baju muslimah


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